3 Creative And Functional Display Options For Banners And Retractable Banners

3 Creative And Functional Display Options For Banners And Retractable Banners

Custom banners and retractable banners work great “as intended,” but these versatile marketing tools offer plenty of functionality beyond passive hanging or freestanding display. Today’s post shares 3 creative and functional options you can use to get more out of your banner and retractable banner investment.

1.  Repurpose Banners And Retractable Banners As Branded Backgrounds

Next time your business is filming a video, doing a photoshoot, or sponsoring an event with either of these, consider repurposing banners and retractable banners as stunning branded photo backgrounds.

Take the Montgomery County Association of Business Women (MCABW)’s recent red carpet gala to benefit female high school seniors, for instance. The event included a Scholarship Fund with prize raffles, silent auction, and of-course, a red-carpet walkup with plenty of “photo ops.” Custom MCABW banners and retractable banners would have made the perfect branded backgrounds for this event, and indeed any event with a central “red carpet” theme.

As with all our banner and retractable banner designs, your backdrops are only limited by your imagination; print anything from beautiful scenic vistas to brand logos and messages, and our team will bring it to life in vivid color and high-resolution. Not only do custom banner and retractable banner designs make stunning backdrops, but using them in this fashion ensures that your branding gets plenty of media coverage. Plus installation is easy, and they’re extremely portable, making them ideal for pop-up events and small spaces.

2.  Cover Up Unsightly Areas With Custom Banners And Retractable Banners

Suppose your store’s interior is under construction or in the middle of a reorganization effort. Perhaps there’s exposed wiring, half-demolished tiles, or piles of out-of-season products stacked around the store that you don’t want your customers to see or interact with. When you want to hide these unsightly areas and maintain safe business continuity, banners and retractable banners make great cover-ups! Hanging or free-standing banner displays put physical barriers between your customers and any “problem areas,” and also creates new opportunities for in-store advertising, wayfinding, or branding efforts.

At Universal Signs and Graphics, custom banners and retractable banners come in several different styles that are suitable for indoor and outdoor use, so wherever you need a cover-up, we can help!

3.  Commemorate Special-someones By Using Banners And Retractable Banners As Signed Cards

If you’re honoring a special retiree, birthday boy-or-girl, charity organizer, or award-winner, banners and retractable banners make great signed cards. Skip the small folded stock card and go big with custom banners that guests can sign with permanent markers to create an unforgettable keepsake. At the end of the night, roll up your custom banner and present it to the special honoree!

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