3 Signs It’s Time To Update Your Outdoor Sign System

3 Signs It's Time To Update Your Outdoor Sign System

Think it might be time to upgrade your outdoor sign system? Today’s post runs down 3 indicators that new signage is needed, then explains how to get free quotes in Montgomery, Texas.

Your Outdoor Signs Are Broken Or Damaged

Chipped paint, weather damage, broken or burned-out bulbs, missing parts, or faded colors are all clear indications that your outdoor sign system needs an update. In some cases, damage may actually render your message unreadable (e.g. obstructing certain letters or leaving parts of the sign unlit), but even legible outdoor signs that are in poor condition will damage your brand image. Remember: your signage is the first thing people see, which makes it the basis of first impressions. Dirty, broken, neglected signage isn’t where you want to start!

Whether you need repairs or a total outdoor sign system overhaul, our team is up to the task. Check out our massive selection of outdoor sign options or call now to start a consultation with our repair experts to get a quote.

You Bought Your First Sign On A Budget

Business start-up is often lean by necessity, and you may have been forced to work with makeshift or budget signage. But now things are picking up and you’re ready to upgrade–and we’re standing by to help.

If it’s been a few years since your last sign order, you may be pleasantly surprised at how far sign technology has come, as well as how far your dollar can stretch. Modern signs last longer than ever, with sharper designs in higher resolution than only a few years ago, and we have enough different styles and material options to fit any budget.

Your Brand Logo Doesn’t Work In The Digital Age

This point has little to do with the physical condition of your outdoor signage; we’re talking specifically about the condition of your logo. And that’s really just as important, because even pristine signage won’t serve you if the logo is out of date.

Is your logo looking tired? Maybe your current logo worked perfectly in grainy newspaper and magazine adverts twenty years ago, but it’s not up to snuff for high resolution viewing on smartphones and other devices. Nowadays, that’s a big deal, since more and more business marketing and branding is occurring online via social media, internet ads, and websites. And as we all know, it’s important to keep online and offline materials consistent.

If you’re having trouble adapting your logo to modern media, it might be time to call in a professional. Sometimes it’s as easy as enlivening the design with a bit of color and then resizing to fit digital media, but other times a full image makeover may be needed. Whatever the case, Universal Signs and Graphics can help–we offer complete branding consultation and logo design services. Call 877-330-7532 to start a free consultation to get your logo and outdoor sign system refreshed, all under one roof.

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