3 Ways to Use the ‘Fifth Wall’: Make Immersive Sign Systems with Ceiling Graphics

3 Ways to Use the 'Fifth Wall'_ Make Immersive Sign Systems with Ceiling Graphics

The most talked-about businesses are those who can think outside of the box. One way to do so is to create an ambiance where customers like to visit and tell their friends about. What better way to think outside of the box – or 4 walls than with a custom ceiling graphic?

A Custom ceiling graphic can transform your blank ceiling or “fifth wall” into another opportunity to reinforce your brand as a productivity-boosting business asset. Here are three ways to use our premium ceiling graphics for great results in Montgomery, TX, or wherever your business is located.

1.  Create 360-Degree Wayfinding Systems with Custom Ceiling Graphics

Ceiling graphics make the perfect addition to any wayfinding system. Whether you use your ceiling graphics for identification (e.g. displaying the name or function of rooms and spaces) or direction (e.g. placing arrows and other symbols to direct visitors to their destination), the value of overhead wayfinding cues cannot be denied.

Ceiling graphics stand out compared to other sign types, and they’re never obstructed by crowds, water coolers, or stacks of boxed delivery items. When combined with floor graphics, directories, room ID signs, and other wayfinding materials, ceiling graphics ensure positive customer experiences and cast your brand in a good light.

2.  Boost Workforce Morale with inspiring Ceiling Graphics

Surrounding your team with motivational messages, brag-worthy brand facts, and inspiring images can make all the difference for morale and productivity.

  • Research by Exeter University’s School of Psychology saw a 32% productivity increase in businesses whose employees had control over the design and layout of their workspace — so let your employees weigh in on your custom ceiling graphic design!
  • A follow-up study by Exeter University determined that people working in “enriched spaces” (decorated with art, inspiring messages, and awesome landscape photos) were 17% more productive than those in “lean spaces.”

Whatever you can dream up for your custom ceiling graphics, Universal Signs and Graphics can deliver.

3.  Optimize Open-plan Offices with Custom Ceiling Graphics

“Open-plan” offices—those airy, flexible, activity-based spaces, sometimes known as open-concept offices—started to displace cubicles back in the 1960s, where they were used as a means of showcasing, at least symbolically, the democratic and egalitarian ethos of a company’s culture, like King Arthur’s fabled round table.

In the decades since, research on open-plan offices has revealed several other key benefits, including:

  • Helping to achieve “maximum density in office environments” (Meagher et al., 2007)
  • Improving collaboration and communication, which can increase problem-solving capabilities, creative outcomes, and productivity
  • Increasing relationship-building interactions
  • Flexibility for the future

But as is often the case, what looked good in theory seemed to fall apart in practice, mostly due to user errors.

“The open plan as commonly practiced in the latter half of the 20th century resulted in undifferentiated homogeneous settings that failed to realize the original intentions of this architectural idea,” writes Meagher et al. (2007). These undifferentiated, homogenous workplaces did more harm than good, both for the workers and the reputation of the open-plan office concept; in 2019, Entrepreneur published a scathing critique of the architectural idea titled “Why It’s Time to Ditch Open Office Plans.”

So what went wrong? How could such a great idea go awry? Well, they lacked ceiling graphics, for starters!

“Essential to the functioning of the open plan… is the subtle articulation of differences between one part of the open interior and another,” writes Meagher et al. (2007). In other words, it’s not simply about removing walls and partitions, but about “creating a new architectural language for distinguishing between distinct settings while maintaining transparency” (Meagher et al., 2007).

In that regard, ceiling graphics are unparalleled. When Meagher et al. (2007) tested the use of displays embedded in different architectural elements, they found that ceiling graphics were one of the most cost-effective ways to “map new meanings onto familiar environmental stimuli” (p. 3).

At Universal Signs and Graphics, we can help you design distinctive, branded ceiling graphics to identify collaborative spaces, different departments, reception areas, storage, and anything else you need. Ceiling graphics take up no space at all, while greatly enhancing spatial organization in Montgomery office buildings.

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Meagher, M., Huang, J., & Gerber, D. (2007, July). Revisiting the open plan: ceilings and furniture as display surfaces for building information. In 2007 11th International Conference Information Visualization (IV’07) (pp. 601-606).

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