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Awning Signs

What are Awning Signs?

Awnings are useful for keeping the sun off your retail store or sheltering patrons of your restaurant, bar, or café from sun and rain. If you have an awning, you might as well put a sign on it.

Uses for Awning Signs

While we rarely get snow in this part of Texas around Houston, we get plenty of rain and plenty of sun, both of which can damage storefronts and make sitting outside uncomfortable. Beyond its primary function, awnings also provide a lot of space for a sign.

Types of Awning Signs

Awning signs typically identify businesses and brand spaces. An awning sign can contain the name of your business, a company logo, a slogan, a telephone number, website address, or a fun graphic.

Why Choose Us for Awning Signs in Houston, TX

Universal Signs and Graphics can design for you eye-catching and aesthetically pleasing graphics. Want to identify your retail store in Houston in your brand’s choice of font? We can make that awning sign for you. Want to welcome patrons to the patio of your café in Houston with a nice drawing of a cappuccino? We can design that awning sign for you, too.

Benefits of Choosing Us for Awning Signs in Houston, Texas

If you need an awning sign in Houston, anywhere else in Houston, or nearby, we can make it for you in a timely manner and for a reasonable place. Have a question about awning signs? Please don’t hesitate to ask us.

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