Beginner’s Guide To Buying Custom Signs In Montgomery, Texas

Beginner's Guide To Buying Custom Signs In Montgomery, Texas

How Do You Design Custom Signage?

Today’s post moves beyond basic design tips and product overviews to share two important tips that will help buyers find the best custom signs Montgomery County, Texas and the surrounding areas.

Tip #1 – Choose Custom Sign Companies With Montgomery County Ordinance Expertise

Montgomery County’s Code of Ordinances outlines restrictions and specifications for all custom sign types, including freestanding signs, temporary real estate signs, political signs, garage sale signs, sidewalk signs, grand opening signs, point of sale signage, and more.

For example, did you know that in Montgomery, Texas, flat commercial wall signs are only allowed to utilize up to 60% of the total feet of the building’s wall area? Additionally, Chapter 66 of the Montgomery County Code of Ordinances states that “a wall sign shall not project above the roofline. The sign must be located on the site where the goods or services are being offered.”

Failing to comply with the Montgomery County Code of Ordinances during your custom sign design and installation could be a costly mistake. Not only will you need to redo your sign, effectively doubling the design cost, but you may be penalized with fines.

Don’t worry–you don’t need to be an ordinance expert to keep compliant. Universal Signs and Graphics offers full support with navigating city bylaws, and we can even help acquire any applications or permits that might be necessary. Find out more on the Universal Signs and Graphics Applications & Permits page.

Tip #2 – Choose Custom Signs With Reasonable Maintenance Requirements

It’s always a good idea to keep your signage well-maintained, since clean, fully illuminated, and up-to-date signs always perform best and last longer. But did you know that Montgomery County businesses are actually legally required to complete regular sign maintenance?

According to Chapter 66 of the Montgomery County Code of Ordinances, “all signs and sign structures shall be kept in good repair and neat appearance. Signs shall be maintained at reasonable intervals, including replacement of defective parts, painting, repairing, repainting, and cleaning. The city sign official shall inspect all signs and sign structures at random, and shall require corrections of any signs deemed in violation of this section.” Businesses or individuals in violation are given ten calendar days to correct or abate any violations.

With this in mind, it’s important that beginners choose sign types that are relatively easy to maintain–and equally important that they only buy custom signs from Montgomery County companies willing to assist with all mandated maintenance.

Not only does Universal Signs and Graphics carry a huge selection of sign types, making it easy to find something in Montgomery County with minimal maintenance requirements that still fits your needs, but we also provide full maintenance support for all custom signs.

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