Bringing Projecting Signs Up to Code: Money-Saving Tips for Businesses in Montgomery, Texas

Bringing Projecting Signs for Businesses in Montgomery, Texas

Projecting signs are as iconic as they are effective for business advertising and brand-building. But like all other permanent signs, projecting signs must be up to Montgomery, TX city code.

Use the following tips to stay compliant or call 936-588-4987 for a free consultation with Montgomery sign code experts!

Understand basic projecting sign restrictions in Montgomery, TX

Make sure you abide by each of the projecting sign prohibitions defined in Section 66-2 of the Montgomery Code of Ordinances.

The following projecting sign designs and installations are not allowed:

  • Off-premise projecting signs, with the exception of city-approved community commercial signs
  • Projecting signs that move or contain visible moving parts
  • Projecting signs which contain or have attached thereto posters, ribbons, streamers, strings of light bulbs, or other similar devices
  • Projecting signs containing statements, words, or pictures “of an obscene, indecent, or immoral characters which reasonably offend public morals or decency”
  • Projecting signs extended over any public sidewalk, street, alley, or other public property
  • Projecting signs that constitute a hazard to pedestrian or vehicular traffic
  • Projecting signs obstructing the view of traffic signs, signals, or devices
  • Projecting signs creating confusion in regards to traffic signs, signals, or devices due to similar appearance
  • Projecting signs with flashing, blinking, or traveling lights, other than those defined in Section 66-53(s) of the Code
  • Projecting signs located upon exposed amenities such as benches, trash containers, or fences
  • Projecting signs placed on the side or rear of any building or property when such signs face upon a contiguous residential area
  • Hand-made “DIY” projecting signs — all signs must be professionally produced by experts like us, as per Section 66-2(16).

Invest in an ounce of prevention with Universal Signs and Graphics

You know the old saying, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure? It couldn’t be more accurate in regards to your brand’s projecting sign design.

According to Section 1-13(a) of the Montgomery Code of Ordinances, first-time sign code violations could result in fines of up to $500. More serious sign offenses that violate Montgomery ordinances governing fire, safety, zoning, and public health shall have a maximum fine of $2000, according to Section 1-13(b).

When you work with Universal Signs and Graphics, the cost of avoiding these stiff penalties is negligible. Our competitive pricing model and vendor connections ensures you don’t pay any more than you would working with any other Montgomery projecting sign provider, but every design and installation is informed by expert knowledge of Montgomery sign law.

The alternatives are costly and time-consuming. You could hire a third-party sign code consultant to keep your design on track, but that means forking over more money for consultation, then potentially backpedaling with your original design. Alternately, you could research Montgomery sign code yourself to try to keep your design and installation team on-track, but that requires a lot of study and micromanagement, with no guarantees that you’re liability-free. Whatever you do, don’t try to sneak anything past municipal enforcers—that “pound of cure” can really cost you, as you’re forced to pay fines and cover the costs of a sign replacement!

Free quotes on projecting sign design and installation in Montgomery, TX

Call 936-588-4987 or visit the Universal Signs and Graphics website to book your free consultation with a projecting sign specialist near you. Services are not limited to the Montgomery, Texas area—as members of the SignWorld business alliance, we deliver premium projecting sign results to clients nationwide.

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