Build Better First Impressions: Factoring Psychology Into Lobby Sign Design

Build Better First Impressions: Factoring Psychology into Lobby Sign Design

Lobby Signs are among the first things visitors see upon entering your business, they play a key part in the formation of first impressions. Today’s post is all about how to choose colors that tell your brand’s story without words.

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‘Coloring’ First Impressions With Custom Lobby Sign Designs

In a seminal study, researchers at the Journal of Business Management studied the impact that a brand’s lobby sign color had on first impressions (Chang & Lin, 2010).

Before their experiment, Chang & Lin’s (2010) literature review revealed:

  • Designers use color traits to enhance the sight memory of brands and improve brand recognition (Perry and Wisonm, 2003)
  • Colors are embedded with messages, and they can “trigger special reactions between the central nervous system and the cerebral cortex” (Chang & Lin, 2010, p. 3344).
  • 62% of people can associate product brands with colors after a single 3-second exposure to signage (Jun’ici, 1994)
  • Loyola University researcher concluded that “using colors to manifest critical messages enhances attention by 82% and brand recognition by 80%” (p. 3344)

Clearly, color choices convey meaning, and they have the potential to make lobby signs more engaging and memorable. This is borne out both by the literature review and present study; as after exposing participants to branded lobby signs and conducting a series of focus group interviews, Chang & Lin (2010) concluded that “color guides consumers to recognize corporate brands, and corporate brand recognition improves purchase and profit” (p. 3344).

How To “Hack” Lobby Sign Color Choices For Better First Impressions

Now we know the importance of lobby sign color choices, but what colors suit your brand image?

Synthesizing color theories from multiple researchers, including Shirley Willet’s color codification of emotions, Chang & Lin (2010) identified the following associations. Use these “hacks” to select colors that evoke emotions you’d like to associate with your brand:

  • Red is associated with enthusiasm, passion, seriousness, love, and heat
  • Orange is associated with ambition, wisdom, desire, pride, happiness, and energy
  • Yellow is associated with caution, freshness, awareness, joy, and optimism
  • Green is associated with calm, good health, growth, satisfaction, nature, fertility, and youth
  • Blue is associated with comfort, faith, tradition, understanding, clarity, calm, and coolness
  • Purple is associated with leadership, nostalgia, romance, royalty, creativity, and mystery
  • Black is associated with elegance, modernity, power, and style
  • White is associated with purity, peace, innocence, cleanliness, and simplicity

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Chang, W. L., & Lin, H. L. (2010). The impact of color traits on corporate branding. Journal of Business Management, 4(15), 3344-3355.

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