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Cabinet Signs

What is a Cabinet Sign?

Cabinet signs (which are also called box signs) are a type of illuminated sign. The “cabinet” is the box that houses the light fixture. The graphics panel sits in front of the lighting element. The frame of a cabinet sign is usually made from aluminum so that the cabinet sign isn’t too heavy.

Uses for Cabinet Signs

Because they are illuminated, cabinet signs stand out better in busy environments, or at night, or in fog or rain. The panel of a cabinet sign can easily be swapped out, so you don’t have to buy a new sign every time you want to display new information.

Types of Cabinet Signs

The frame of a cabinet sign is typically rectangular, but the sign panel can be whatever you want.

Why Choose Us for Cabinet Signs in Navasota, TX

Universal Signs and Graphics can make the perfect cabinet sign for you. Whether you want a cabinet sign to proudly display the name of your Navasota restaurant or you want a cabinet sign to identify different areas in your store in Navasota. We make cabinet signs that are both durable and eye-catching.

Benefits of Choosing Us for Cabinet Signs in Navasota, TX

If you would like a cabinet sign for your Navasota business or organization, please get in touch with us today. We take care in every step of the process from design, to manufacturing, to installation in order to ensure that you have exactly the cabinet sign that you want.

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