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Ceiling Graphics

What Are Ceiling Graphics?

Ceiling graphics are just what they sound like: graphics on ceilings. The ceiling is an unconventional place for signage and graphics. But that’s what makes them so effective. Ceiling graphics often have clear sightlines and grab people’s attention.

Uses for Ceiling Graphics

Ceiling graphics are unorthodox, sure, but they’re hardly unprecedented. Ever heard of the Sistine Chapel? Even so, many people don’t consider their ceiling as a location for graphics. But ceilings are often perfect for graphics.

Types of Ceiling Graphics

Let’s say that you manage a clothing store in Pointblank. You could put up signs on stands indicating the different sections. But that takes up space. Using a ceiling graphic not only frees up space, it will stand out more and be more memorable. Similarly, if you run a bar or restaurant in Pointblank, stand out and make your customers remember you. Use fun ceiling graphics to point people towards the restrooms or just to provide ambience.

Why Choose Us for Ceiling Graphics in Pointblank, TX

Not every ceiling surface will work for ceiling graphics, but some are perfect for them. At Universal Signs and Graphics, we can help you unlock the true signage potential of your ceiling.

Benefits of Choosing Us for Ceiling Graphics in Pointblank, TX

Whether you manage a clothing store in Pointblank, a restaurant in The Woodlands, or any other kind of establishment in Pointblank or nearby in Texas, Universal Signs and Graphics can make the perfect ceiling graphics for you. To learn more, please contact us.

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