Constructive Criticism: Top-4 Construction Sign Mistakes To Avoid

Constructive Criticism: Top-4 Construction Sign Mistakes To Avoid

All Montgomery construction sites need construction signs, and many could benefit from a little “constructive criticism.” Accordingly, today’s post outlines the top-4 construction sign mistakes seen in Montgomery, TX.

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Unclear Messages

When designing your construction sign copy, always remember that clarity is key. Unclear messages usually come as a result of one of two things:

  1. Ambiguous language—When the warning is vague, the effectiveness of your construction sign will depend on the knowledge and experience of the viewer, which puts a huge percentage of readers at-risk.

    For instance, construction signs reading “Warning: Electrical Hazard” leave too much unsaid. Where is the electrical hazard exactly, and how do I avoid it? A better sign might read: “Warning: Electrical Shock Hazard—Terminals on the line and load sides may be energized in the open position. DO NOT TOUCH.”

    In this case, the reader gets the full picture, including instructions about how to avoid the hazard. As long as the sign viewer is literate, they won’t have any problems staying safe, even without any construction knowledge or electrical experience.

  2. Too much jargon—Avoid relying on special words or expressions that are used by a particular profession or group and are difficult for others to understand. If jargon is unavoidable, be sure to include clear images and graphics to help communicate the hazard.

Failing To Maintain Your Construction Signs

Construction signs aren’t something you can “set and forget.” When neglected, outdoor construction signs end up obstructed by equipment, worn and faded, or dangerously outdated.

To ensure your work site meets all OSHA and ANSI construction sign standards, we recommend:

  • Replacing worn or damaged construction signs immediately—any of our proven templates will do when speed is of the essence!
  • Moving signs that have become obstructed by construction equipment or materials
  • Updating all construction signs when systems are changed or new hazards are identified

And if you ever need assistance with your construction sign maintenance in Montgomery, TX, give our team a call!

Undersized Construction Sign Lettering

Undersized construction sign lettering makes for an unsafe work site.

The ideal size depends on your audience and sign type. For construction signs targeting drivers, the International Sign Association recommends making letters one-inch (1”) tall for every twenty-five feet (25’) of viewer distance. Indoor construction signs and those intended to be read by pedestrians can use smaller fonts. However, as long as you aren’t crowding your sign or having to omit important words, bigger is always better.

Insufficient Construction Sign Contrast

Low-contrast construction signs underperform in low light and inclimate weather. Every construction sign design should strive for legibility and visibility, and dialing up the contrast accomplishes both at once. It’s no coincidence that “standard” construction signs use high contrast combinations like black-on-yellow, black-on-orange, and white-on-red.

For more help creating high-contrast construction signs, get in touch with our team in Montgomery, TX.

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