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Digital Signs

What are Digital Signs?

Digital signs display messages on a screen. Digital signs often have scrolling or changing messages. Digital signs possess two qualities that boost a sign’s visibility: illumination and movement.

Uses for Digital Signs

Digital signs are great promotional and marketing tools. Static signs only ever display one message. Digital signs, however, can cycle through several messages and graphics to convey a wide array of information. And when you want to change these messages, you simply reprogram the digital sign.

Types of Digital Signs

Digital signs are typically rectangular. You can orient them horizontally or vertically. Digital signs can be mounted on a wall or as part of its own freestanding structure.

Why Choose Us for Digital Signs in Prairie View, TX?

At Universal Signs & Graphics we can design the perfect graphics for your digital sign. If you run a quick service restaurant in Prairie View, Texas, a digital sign above the ordering counter can inform your patrons of their options as well as making your food look as tasty as possible. A digital sign could also make your Prairie View restaurant really stand out and invite people in if it is installed outside.

Benefits of Choosing us for Digital Signs in Prairie View, TX

We don’t just design great looking images for digital signs we can also make sure the sign itself is durable and weatherproof. If you manage a business in Prairie View, or elsewhere in Prairie View or nearby in Texas, and would like to learn more about digital signs, please get in touch with us.

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