Elevate Your Wall Graphics: Best Practices In Wall Graphic Design

Elevate Your Wall Graphics: Best Practices In Wall Graphic Design

Wall graphics are one of the most cost-effective and versatile solutions for business advertising, wayfinding, and branding. In today’s post, our wall graphics team shares 3 design best practices to elevate your next order.

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Best Practices For Wall Graphic Design In Montgomery, TX

  1. Make it legible. Whatever your wall graphic’s function, it needs to be legible. Unless you’re using your wall graphics in specific informational contexts (e.g. to display detailed product information on the wall next to a display), your message should be eminently readable and consumable at-a-glance. Aim for large font sizes, follow the 3×5 Rule (limit text to three lines of text, each with 5 words or less, or 5 lines of text with 3 words or less), and use sans-serif fonts in bold.
  2. Think of the mood you want to set. Before you begin your design consultation, think about how you want readers to feel when they see your wall graphics. What kind of experience are you trying to create?For instance, if you’re using your wall graphics as party decor, or as part of a trade show booth display, your goal is That calls for colorful wall graphics with lively designs and whimsical shapes. But if you’re using your wall graphics for wayfinding in a bank or manufacturing plant, you might want something more serious and functional, with standardized shapes, conservative brand imagery, and more neutral colors.

    Even if you know nothing about graphic design theory, starting your wall graphics consultation with an idea of the mood you’re trying to express goes a long way.

  3. Design for accessibility. In 2010, the Department of Justice published the 2010 ADA Standards for Accessible Design. Under this law, specific forms of signage must be accessible to people with disabilities. While many temporary wall graphics are exempt from this law, it’s still a good idea to design with accessibility in mind, since the alternative means excluding a portion of your audience!For more detailed assistance with ADA standards and other accessible design guidelines, get in touch with our Montgomery wall graphics team. We specialize in ADA signage, and we produce compliant wall graphics for clients nationwide.

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