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Enter Exit Signs

What is an Enter/Exit Sign?

Not all signs can be brilliant promotional tools. Some signs are more functional. An enter/exit sign indicates an entrance or an exit.

Uses for Enter/Exit Signs

Apart from their obvious purpose, enter/exit signs can also subtly communicate aspects of your business’s identity. Stay on brand with enter/exit signs by using the same font or color scheme as the rest of your signage. However, keep in mind that there are Texas state and municipal laws that regulate how enter/exit signs must look.

Types of Enter/Exit Signs

Exit signs are generally rectangular and are illuminated by red light, but you can use different exit signs, too. There are fewer regulations on enter signs so you can use a hanging sign on your door, an awning sign, or something else entirely.

Why Choose Us for Enter/Exit Signs in New Caney, TX

Want a beautiful and welcoming enter sign for your New Caney restaurant? Want to know the best place for an exit sign in your College Station office building? Not sure if the exit sign for your New Caney fitness center complies with state and local regulations? Universal Signs & Graphics can handle all your enter/exit sign queries and requests.

Benefits of Choosing us for Enter/Exit Signs in New Caney, TX

If you live or manage a business or organization in New Caney, College Station, New Caney, or anywhere nearby in Texas and would like to commission some expertly-designed and well-manufactured enter/exit signs, or if you would just like to learn more about enter/exit signs, please contact us.

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