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What is a Hanging Sign / Projecting Sign?

A hanging sign is a sign that has the panel hanging from the frame. A projecting sign sticks out (or projects) from the external wall of a building. By having the sign panel project out from the surface of the wall, your sign has increased visibility and thus can generate more impressions.

Uses for Hanging Signs / Projecting Signs

Hanging signs are most often used for promotional, branding, and identification purposes. They are commonly found on the exterior walls of retail business, restaurants, shopping malls, office buildings, hotels, campuses, and more.

Projecting signs are usually used for promotion. They are especially effective for businesses on streets with quite a bit of pedestrian traffic. Without a projecting sign, a pedestrian might just walk right past your business and not notice a sign that is mounted directly on to the surface of your wall. But with a projecting sign, your promotional sign can be seen by people walking in both directions past your business.

Types of Hanging Signs / Projecting Signs

Indoors, hanging signs are typically hung from the ceiling. Outdoors, you can hang a panel from a projecting sign or from its own crossbar as a free-standing sign, such as a post and panel sign. Projecting signs can use a panel firmly affixed to the wall with a bracket or the panel can hang the structure of the sign.

Why Choose Us for Hanging Signs / Projecting Signs in Magnolia, TX?

One of the benefits of choosing a hanging sign is that it sways in the wind. The human eye is attracted to movement, even gentle swaying. Even so, you don’t want your hanging sign flying back and forth like a flag in a hurricane. At Universal Signs and Graphics, not only can we design a sharp looking hanging sign, we can manufacture the sign so that it sways just the right amount in most weather conditions.

Additionally, we can make durable and attractive projecting signs. We can include your business’s name, logo, slogan, an eye-catching graphic, or anything else you want.

Benefits of Choosing Us for Hanging Signs / Projecting Signs in Magnolia, TX

Whether you have your own design for a hanging sign for your restaurant in Magnolia or you would like us to design something for your real estate hanging signs to be used throughout Magnolia, we will work with you closely through every step of the process from design to manufacturing to installation. To learn more about hanging signs / projecting signs, please get in touch with us.

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