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One key tool we have in Montgomery County and Harris County in Texas to combat the coronavirus is testing. While no vaccine exists at the time of writing, by testing as many people as possible, we can know who should self-isolate, who requires treatment, and how the virus is spreading. In order to get all this testing done, we need fast and easy infrastructure. Testing stations are popping up across Texas and often the easiest place to conduct these tests is in a tent. Tents are used to identify testing areas and provide shelter for medical professionals and technicians. These testing sites need to be organized and safe. An easily identifiable medical tent can help the testing process, as well as the lining up and information-taking processes, go smoothly and quickly.

Types Available

The medical and testing tents used in Montgomery and Harris Counties to test people for COVID-19 are all fairly similar. The only real differences come in terms of size and materials. Medical and testing tents could be five square feet, ten square feet, or 20 square feet; choose whichever size suits your site best. The tent poles can be made of aluminum or steel.

Features &Details

Medical & Testing Tent:

  • Includes a medical symbol print on the canopy to identify it as a medical tent
  • Includes a full custom graphic canopy

How to Order

To order customized medical and testing tentsin Tomball, Conroe, Spring, Kingwood, The Woodlands, Houston, or anywhere else in Montgomery or Harris County, Texas, please contact us today via our website or call us at 877-330-7532.

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