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What is a Metal Sign / Aluminium Signs?

Metal signs are signs made of one or more types of metal. There are lightweight and heavier, sturdier forms of metal you can choose for your metal sign. Aluminum signs are inexpensive and lightweight signs, most commonly used outdoors to convey functional information.

Uses for Metal Signs / Aluminium Signs

Metal signs can be used just about anywhere but they are mostly used as external signage. A baked enamel finish helps to weatherproof metal signs making them more durable as well as glossier. Aluminum signs are a popular form of fence sign and external wall sign. They are often rectangular and can have information printed on one side or both.

Types of Metal Signs / Aluminium Signs

Aluminum is usually the cheapest metal you can use for a sign and that makes them one of the most common metal signs. Aluminum is lightweight yet still quite durable. When you require sturdier or more visually striking metals, you can choose brass, copper, or stainless steel, the last of which is a popular choice for dimensional letter signs.

Common types of aluminum sign that you have probably seen include:

  • No Parking at Any Time/certain times
  • Private Property/No Trespassing
  • Danger/Caution
  • Enter/Exit
  • Welcome
  • Shipping and Receiving
  • Fire Escape
  • No Smoking
  • Area Under Surveillance
  • Store Hours
  • Business Name
  • Wayfinding signage
  • And more!

Why Choose Us for Metal Signs / Aluminium Signs in Houston, TX

Choosing just the right metal for your metal sign can be very difficulty. Thankfully, at Universal Signs and Graphics, we’re sign experts and we can tell you which the best materials are to use for your metal sign.

If you manage a restaurant in Houston, Texas, and find that half of your parking spots are taken up by people who are shopping at the nearby mini-mall, you could use some aluminum signs to inform people that parking is reserved for patrons of your restaurant only. If you have just installed video cameras in your residential building in Houston, you need aluminum signs to inform people that the area is under surveillance. Universal Signs and Graphics can make these types of aluminum signs and many more.

Benefits of Choosing us for Metal Signs / Aluminium Signs in Houston, TX

Whether you just want some inexpensive aluminum signs for the parking lot of your business in Houston, Texas, or want stainless-steel dimensional letters for your building signage in Houston, we can make the great looking and durable metal signs you need. If you’re located in Houston, elsewhere in Houston, or nearby in Texas, and would like to know more about metal signs, please contact us.

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