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What are Monument Signs?Monument-Signs-in-Montgomery-Texas

Monument signs are large external signs that identify a business, organization, or building. They are often located close to the street or highway.

Uses for Monument Signs

Monument signs are often used instead of or to supplement architectural signs. They are especially useful when a building is recessed from the main road that experiences the most traffic. Without a monument sign, people might just pass your building by without noticing what it is. A monument sign makes it easier for people to find you.

Types of Monument Signs

Monument signs can be modest and utilitarian or grand paeans to the glory of your business. It’s all about what suits your brand best. Popular materials for monument signs include brick, stone, stucco, metal, and foam. When a monument sign displays the names of several businesses that occupy a property, such as a mini-mall, it is called a tenant sign.

Why Choose Us for Monument Signs in Porter, TX?

At Universal Signs and Graphics, we can advise you about the best material for your monument sign given your budget and brand identity. We can make magnificent monument signs for Fortune 500 companies in Houston or more down-to-earth monument signs for businesses in Porter. Regardless, every monument sign we manufacture will look great and be durable.

Benefits of Choosing us for Monument Signs in Porter, TX

If you’re in Porter, somewhere else in Porter, or nearby in Texas, and would like to learn more about monument signs, please get in touch with us.

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