Outdoor Business Sign Oversights Your Company Cannot Afford

Outdoor Business Sign Oversights Your Company Cannot Afford

Today’s post reviews 3 costly errors that we see all the time with outdoor business signs in Montgomery County, Texas. Read on to avoid making these mistakes and start getting more from your signage.

Outdoor Business Signs Aren’t Being Properly Maintained

Signage is one of the first places we look to create first impressions about local businesses. So what do you think that faded, cracked, peeling, poorly lit sign is saying about your brand? Clearly, failing to maintain your signage is bad for business.

But did you know neglecting signage like this is actually illegal in Montgomery County, Texas? It’s true! According to Chapter 66 of the Montgomery County Code of Ordinances, all signage must be maintained at reasonable intervals. This includes “replacement of defective parts, painting, repairing, repainting, and cleaning.” Montgomery County officials evaluate business signs at random and yours could be next!

Whether you’re trying to build better first impressions or avoid costly fines, Universal Signs and Graphics can help. We offer a broad selection of easy-to-maintain signage, along with a number of low-cost options that leave you no excuse not to replace that past-its-prime sign. Additionally, we provide full support with sign maintenance as part of our commitment to complete customer satisfaction.

Outdoor Business Signs Block Valuable Views

Some businesses want to obstruct sight lines to protect customer privacy. For instance, downtown fitness studios might cover windowed frontage to cut down on gawkers. The same is true of restaurants trying to create a certain ambience.

But for other businesses, blocking valuable views with opaque outdoor signs and window decals is a huge mistake, denying you a priceless opportunity to showcase your products, services, and funky interior to passersby.

Don’t worry–you don’t need to leave outdoor business sign advertising opportunities on the table to maintain your valuable views. Universal Signs and Graphics offers a number of outdoor business sign options that let you showcase your business message and your business’s interior. Choose from our selection of perforated vinyl, tasteful window decals and graphics, freestanding signage, hanging signs, and more, then customize everything to your liking! We provide full support with sign design, product selection, and installation, so you never have to worry about making this common sign mistake.

Outdoor Business Signs Lacking Clear Calls To Action

Without a call to action, outdoor business signs are purely for branding purposes. And while there’s nothing bad about branding, that’s a big missed opportunity. Including a call to action (CTA) allows you to gauge audience engagement with your message, which is very important for marketing analyses. So although you may not have any particular action you want the reader to take, try to incorporate something, even if it’s as simple as promoting a visit to your website. This will help you assess how often your message is being read and how it’s being received.

If you do have a particular action you want the reader to take, all the better!

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