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Pole Signs

What is a Pole Sign?

Visibility is the first goal of any sign. A sign is not effective if it can’t be seen. One way to increase visibility, especially outdoors, is to go high. Pole signs feature sign panels on top of poles.

Uses for Pole Signs

Tall pole signs are visible at a distance. The greater a sign’s radius of visibility is, the more impressions it can generate.

Types of Pole Signs

You have many options for your pole sign. The sign itself must be big, though, because the whole point of a pole sign is to be visible at a distance. As such, all text and graphics on the pole sign and panel must be large as well.

Why Choose Us for Pole Signs in Cleveland, TX?

At Universal Signs and Graphics, we know all the different types of pole signs and we know how to make each one effective. If you run a quick service restaurant off I-45 just outside of Cleveland, you want a pole sign big enough and eye-catching enough that passing motorists will see it and be tempted to pull off and grab a bite to eat. We can do that.

Benefits of Choosing us for Pole Signs in Cleveland, TX

Apart from expert design and quality manufacturing, we also handle permits and applications to make sure you have clearance for the pole sign that you want. We know which Texas state and Cleveland regulations apply to pole signs. To learn more, please contact us.

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