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Pylon Signs

What are Pylon Signs?

A pylon sign (also known as a marquee sign) is a freestanding sign that is usually very tall and has exposed poles. Pylon signs are similar to pole signs except the base of a pylon isn’t necessary a pole.

Uses for Pylon Signs

Pylon signs have the same purpose as most pole signs and monument signs: identifying a business so that it can be seen by anybody from a distance (especially motorists).

Types of Pylon Signs

You have many options when it comes to the look of your pylon sign. The panel can display the name of your business, your logo, slogan, graphic, or promotional message. For the base, popular materials are metal poles, brick, an arch made of brick, or concrete.

Why Choose Us for Pylon Signs in Porter, TX?

Universal Signs & Graphics can help you choose what materials you want and help you with your design. Let’s say you manage a hotel in Porter, you could use a well-design pylon sign to advertise to passing motorists. Or if you run a restaurant in Porter, you could use a pylon sign to get people to notice you.

Benefits of Choosing Us for Pylon Signs in Porter, TX

Not only can we design, manufacture, and install pylon signs, we can handle permit applications as well. There are several Texas state laws and local regulations in Porter that apply to pylon signs and we can make sure that you’re in compliance. To learn more, please contact us.

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