Research Shows Value of Point of Purchase Signs for Montgomery Businesses

Research Shows Value of Point of Purchase Signs for Montgomery Businesses

Today’s post reviews empirical research on how point-of-purchase signs boost sales for businesses. Read on or call 877-330-7532 for a free point-of-purchase sign quote from our Montgomery, TX team.

The Majority of Customers Decide to Buy at the Point-of-Purchase

During the literature review portion of his 2020 report, “Influence of Point of Purchase Advertising on Consumer Behaviour–A Case Study,” Vasu reiterated a key finding in point-of-purchase sign research: 70% of consumers’ final purchase decisions are made inside the store (p. 876).

Thus, in-store point-of-purchase signs clearly play a major role in consumers deciding to buy. Attractive signage that conveys specific value propositions and general brand quality boosts sales–and that’s our speciality at Universal Signs and Graphics.

Point of Purchase Signs Increase Impulse Buys in Montgomery Markets

A 2000 report by the University of Wisconsin-Madison showed the impact of point of purchase signs on buying impulsiveness in supermarket produce departments.

The study involved three produce displays: one with no point of purchase sign, one with a point of purchase sign emphasizing the quality of peaches and nectarines, and one with a point of purchase sign emphasizing the produce’s freshness.

While observing the shoppers, researchers noted that people exposed to point of purchase signs “purchased more impulsively than those in the ‘no sign’ condition” (Peck & Childers, 2000, p. 11). Differences between the two point of purchase signs were statistically insignificant, but the “no sign” control display lagged far behind.

Point of Purchase Signs Create Positive Influence for Montgomery Brands

A 2010 report by the American Journal of Public Health explored how point-of-purchase signs functioned as “education interventions” to reduce the consumption of sugary soft drinks.

Researchers implemented their educational point-of-purchase signs as part of a 5-phase intervention at the Brigham and Women’s Hospital cafeteria in Boston. Point-of-purchase signs shared educational messages intended to promote healthy choices (e.g. how decreasing soda intake by 1 bottle daily could lead to a 25-pound weight loss after 1 year if no other change in diet or activity occurred). A similar “control” cafeteria without point-of-purchase signs was monitored for comparison for the duration of the study.

At the end of the study, Block et al. (2010) reported a 26% decline in the sale of regular soft drinks in cafeterias with point-of-purchase sales containing health education messages. In contrast, the “control” cafeteria without any point-of-purchase signs showed no change in regular soft drink sales.

This shows the undeniable impact of point-of-purchase signs. Consumers consistently read health-education messages, internalized them, and modified their behavior accordingly. While the power of point-of-purchase signs was used for health education here, these same benefits can be applied to any sales, branding, or promotional goals.

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