Retractable Banner FAQ: Top Questions From Montgomery, TX Businesses

Retractable Banner FAQ: Top Questions From Montgomery, TX Businesses

Today’s post assembles and answers some of the top questions that Montgomery, Texas business owners are asking about retractable banners.

What Do Montgomery, Texas Buyers Want To Know About Retractable Banners?

Have you ever used Google’s “People Also Ask” (PPA) feature? PPAs are lists of related questions that appear on the search engine results page (below the paid ads, usually somewhere around the “Snippets” section) whenever you “Google” something. PPAs speed up the research process and show common questions other people ask, making them a handy tool for market research. You can also geo-target your results by adding location tags–i.e. writing the name of your city and state (e.g. Montgomery, Texas) next to the search result.

For example, we “Googled” some basic retractable banner questions with Montgomery, Texas keywords and got the following PPA recommendations:


Retractable Banner FAQ: Top Questions from Montgomery, TX Businesses












This tells us exactly what Montgomery, Texas buyers want to know about retractable banners, and as always, it’s our mission to deliver.

So let’s get down to business and get some of these retractable banner questions answered.

What Is A Retractable Banner?

Retractable banners display custom graphics, typically on vinyl, which can be retracted into a portable casing or stand. They are extremely versatile, coming in a variety of styles and materials. Lightweight, inexpensive, and easy to set up, they’re perfect for trade show booths, pop-up shops, and any kind of indoor marketing.

What Size Are Retractable Banners?

Standard retractable banners are 33” wide and 80” in height, but we have multiple options available.

How Much Does A Banner Stand Cost?

Since we offer so many different materials, designs, and retractable banner styles, this question is hard to answer outside of a consultation. The average 34” x 88” model costs $200-$300, while the 48” x 81” model may run $500-$600. Meanwhile, X-style banner stands made of vinyl with graphics and nylon carry bag will be less expensive, somewhere between $125 to $300. These prices aren’t set in stone–we have retractable banners to fit any budget.

How Do You Make A Retractable Banner?

The exact setup method will depend on the style you choose, but generally speaking: 1. Open your carrying case and remove the base pole 2. Set your base on the ground, with the stabilizing foot perpendicular to the base. 3. Connect the pole in pieces and insert the hole in the base. 4. Pull the top of the banner up from the base and hook it to the top of the pole. Repeat for double sided banners.

How Do You Take Down A Retractable Banner?

Reverse the process listed above!

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