Save Time And Make Money With Signage Specialists In Montgomery, TX

Save Time And Make Money With Signage Specialists In Montgomery, TX

Time is money, and our signage specialists work hard to save you both. Today’s post highlights some of the ways we keep your sign project on-track and under-budget in Montgomery, TX.

Get More And Pay Less With Full-service Signage Specialists

The term “one-stop shop” originated in the 1920s, where it was used to describe full-service businesses offering a complete customer experience. This model benefits the consumer by allowing all product and related service needs to be met in one location, rather than having to drive all over Montgomery making deals with different providers.

Our signage specialists are committed to providing a true “one-stop shop” experience to save Montgomery businesses time and money. In addition to an extensive catalog of interior and exterior signage, we offer:

That’s 8 related products and services under one roof, which means 8 less trips to make around Montgomery, and 8 fewer personalities to manage.

Additionally, working with full-service signage specialists makes it easier to design and manufacture cohesive sign systems. This gets you access to bulk order savings that wouldn’t be possible at a shop specializing only in graphics, banners, wraps, or exterior signage.

Save Time And Money With Montgomery Sign Code Specialists

Is your signage up to code?

Chapter 66 – SIGNS” of the Montgomery, Texas Code of Ordinances outlines numerous legal requirements that all Montgomery business signage must meet.

Some signs are exempt from these rules, including:

  • Certain professional and commercial nameplates
  • Memorial and/or other historical signs designated by federal, Texas, or Montgomery government
  • Traffic or other city signs, legal notices, or danger signs posted by federal, Texas, or Montgomery government
  • Non-advertising signs or trespassing signs on private property, not exceeding two square feet in area
  • Non-advertising signs of public utility companies
  • Nonprofit civic organization signage, not exceeding nine square feet
  • On-site directional signs for public and private developments, not exceeding two square feet

But if your sign does not fall under these definitions, you must obtain the proper permit and meet several requirements for installation and design.

Failing to do so can be costly. According to Section 66-3, “Any person violating any of the provisions of this chapter shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor, and upon conviction of any such violation, such person shall be subject to a fine.” Furthermore, you’ll need to pay for a redesign.

To save you time and money, our signage specialists offer complete support with permits, applications, and compliance support in-house. Whether you need guidance to keep your design and installation up to code, or you’re struggling to make sense of Montgomery’s permit application process, we can help.

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