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Sign Applications Permits

What are Sign Applications & Permits?

Some signs require approval from municipal and state authorities to be installed. For these signs, you need to apply for a permit.

Uses for Sign Applications & Permits

You’re going to be pretty annoyed if you spend a lot of money on a wonderfully designed, gigantic pole sign only to find that you are not allowed to install it because you’re in violation of a Harris County or Montgomery County by law.

Types of Sign Applications & Permits

Sign applications and permits are usually needed for large outdoor signage. There are state, county, and municipal laws, bylaws, and regulations that can affect signage. Do you know all the relevant laws and regulations that might apply to the tenant sign you want to install on the property of your Spring office building? Probably not. Why would you? You’re not a signage expert. But we are.

Why Choose Us for Sign Applications & Permits?

At Universal Custom Signs & Graphics, we know many of the laws and bylaws that affect signage in Spring, Houston, Harris County, Montgomery County, and elsewhere in Texas. And what we don’t know, we know how to look up. We also know the proper application processes and how to get any required permits.

Benefits of Choosing Us for Sign Applications & Permits

Not only can we apply for the right permits, we can also make sure that all your signage is ADA compliant. To learn more about sign applications and permits, please contact us.

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