Slow The Spread: COVID-19 Protection For Safe Business Continuity In Montgomery, TX

Slow The Spread: COVID-19 Protection For Safe Business Continuity In Montgomery, TX

Universal Signs and Graphics is committed to safe business continuity amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Today’s post explains what we offer to help businesses stay afloat and stop the spread in 2020.

COVID-19 Protections Paying Dividends In Montgomery County, Texas

While the fight against COVID-19 is far from finished, Montgomery County communities are seeing the results of their anti-pandemic efforts and PPE investments.

As of August 6th, Conroe and Montgomery’s Community Impact News reported that active COVID-19 cases were declining in our area, with Montgomery County reporting a net decrease of 167 cases on that day. In fact, the number of active COVID-19 cases in Montgomery County has been declining since July 27th, when a record-high of 2597 was registered. This positive momentum is largely attributed to the diligent adoption of COVID-19 protection in places of businesses and other potential hotspots for community spread.

But the fight’s not over yet; indeed, now’s the time to push even harder and tighten up anti-pandemic protocols to offset any potential “quarantine fatigue” caused by our recent success. But no matter how long this fight takes, Universal Signs and Graphics will be in your corner, equipping your team with whatever’s needed to ensure safe business continuity during these trying times.

Universal Signs And Graphics Simplifies The Implementation Of OSHA Best Practices For Business Continuity

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)’s Guidance on Returning to Work document describes mandatory safety and health standards expected of all businesses reopening in Montgomery County during the COVID-19 pandemic. The standards therein were developed in conjunction with the U.S. Department of Labor and U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ recommendations, and are intended to be used to supplement the White House’s Guidelines for Opening Up American Again.

What follows is a brief overview of what our team does to help business owners implement OSHA’s guidelines for safe business continuity.

Helping Montgomery Businesses Implement OSHA Hand-hygiene Guidelines

In workplaces where handwashing stations are not available or practical for visitors, OSHA recommends business owners “provide hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol and encourage workers to use it frequently” (p. 6).

Thanks to our prized partnership with the Orbus Exhibit & Display Group, Universal Signs and Graphics carries everything you need to implement perfect hand hygiene, including:

  • Freestanding sanitizing stations—contactless dispensers containing 1000ml of gel or liquid, mounted on unmissable display stands with plenty of room for branding and marketing messages
  • Hand-washing reminders—Any sign type can be customized to display important COVID-19 safety reminders and direct employees or customers to handwashing stations.

OSHA also recommends identifying high-traffic areas, surfaces, and items that are shared frequently and could become contaminated. These should be targeted for enhanced cleaning and disinfection using EPA-registered disinfectants. Signage is the best way to identify these areas and provide staff with highly visible cleaning reminders, and we carry a huge range of custom COVID-19 sign solutions, from graphics and banners to digital reminders.

Helping Montgomery Businesses Implement Social Distancing OSHA’s Protocols

OSHA recommends the following social distancing practices:

  • Limiting business occupancy to facilitate proper distancing
  • Demarcating flooring in six-feet zones in key areas where workers, customers, or visitors congregate
  • Posting signage reminding workers, customers, and visitors to maintain social distance
  • Posting directional signage in hallways/corridors where width restricts movement and limits distancing capabilities

Universal Signs and Graphics offers a huge range of COVID-19 safety signage and tools for social distancing enforcement, including:

  • Social distancing floor decals—Adhesive vinyl stickers with slip and scratch-resistance. Build off our proven design templates or create something unique with our in-house design team. Available in any shape, size, or color.
  • Sneeze guards and wall partitions—When distancing isn’t possible, barriers and partitions can help restrict the spread of microorganisms via respiratory droplets. We carry clear dividers, partition walls, acrylic sneeze guards, retractable banner shields, hanging sneeze guards, and more.
  • Social distancing seat covers—Pull-over vinyl seat covers let you enforce social distancing in seated areas, while sneaking in some extra opportunities for branding or marketing messages. Our chair covers come in two material options and three sizes, but custom cuts are always available.

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