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If you manage a business in Montgomery County, Texas, that serves customers, you need to install infrastructure to keep both your customers and your staff safe from COVID-19. Many of these items are unobtrusive and don’t look out of place. For example, if you run a quick service restaurant in Montgomery, you probably already have a sneeze guard in place. You can use protection walls and barriers to keep customers separate from each other at your Montgomery restaurant or even at a salon or barbershop.

Types Available

  • Sneeze Guard – As mentioned above, sneeze guards are mostly used where food is involved. Keep ingredients fresh and free from germs with a sneeze guard.
  • Protection Walls – Protection walls are useful to protect cashiers and other people who work behind the desk from any possible transmission from customers (and vice versa). Protection walls are useful if you manage a grocery store, a pharmacy, a convenience store, or any other number of businesses in Montgomery.
  • Barriers – All of these items are barriers of some kind. Free-standing barriers are great because they can be moved to where you need them. By installing barriers between customersin your Montgomery café, you can help ensure safety.

Features & Dimensions

Clear acrylic sneeze guards:

  • 1/8″ Thick
  • 44″ Wide
  • 22″, 31″ or 36″ Heights
  • Bank Slots available
  • White Sintra Feet
  • Custom Shapes Available Within 44″w X 36″h Size

Lightweight and Portable Protection Walls/Barriers:

  • Assembled Dimensions: 36”w x 92.2”h x 15.7”d
  • Aluminum frame with snap buttons; can be magnetized
  • 3mm clear plexiglass and opaque white 3mm PVC
  • Clear plexiglass and PVC offered blank or printed

How to Order

To order customized sneeze guards, protection walls, or barriers in Montgomery or Harris County, Texas, please contact us via our website or call us at 877-330-7532.

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