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Floor decals have been underutilized by businesses in Montgomery and Harris County, Texas, for a long time. The floor of your business or institution is a highly visible place and colorful decals on the floor are bound to catch people’s attention. Now, we are finally starting to see floor decals used more widely in Texas, but they tend to serve a specific purpose: to encourage social distancing. By placing decals on the floor of your Conroe business, you can remind people that physical distancing is crucial in reducing the spread of COVID-19. It also helps people to have a good understanding of what a six-foot distance looks like.

Types Available

Social distancing floor decals are most often made of vinyl. These vinyl stickers can be adhere to the floor without the risk of damaging the floor. Social distancing floor decals come in several different shapes. Use circles or rectangles on the floor leading up to the checkout at your Conroe business. This way, people will remember to physically distance while they wait in line to pay for their items. You can also use floor decals cut into the shape of an arrow. This can keep the aisles of your Conroe grocery store (or any store) one-way to reduce bunching up and people bumping into one another.

Features and Dimensions

Circular footprint social distancing floor decals:

  • Adhesive vinyl stickers, contour cut
  • 12”, 18”, & 24” in diameter
  • Custom designs available

Aisleway Traffic Flow Floor Decal:

  • Adhesive vinyl stickers, contour cut
  • Rectangular signs are 18”w x 12”h
  • Arrow signs are 6”w x 8”h
  • Custom designs available

How to Order

To order customized social distancing floor decalsfor your business in Conroe or anywhere else in Montgomery or Harris County, Texas, please contact us via our website or call us at 877-330-7532.

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