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Tenant Signs

What is a Tenant Sign?

A tenant sign is an external sign that displays the names of businesses and organizations that share a building or property.

Uses for Tenant Signs

Tenant signs are used to identify the tenants of any given building, campus, or complex. Tenant signs are most often found in front of:

  • Shopping malls and mini-malls
  • Health centers
  • Residential buildings
  • Business parks
  • Government complexes

Types of Tenant Signs

Tenant signs are often quite large. They should be designed so that people walking or driving past the complex can easily read the names of each tenant. They are often imposed on monument and pylon signs. Please note that a tenant sign is not a sign that displays the names of tenants in a residential building. That would be a directory sign. The two are sometimes confused by people not familiar with signage lingo, but they are entirely different.

Why Choose Us for Tenant Signs in Huntsville, TX?

At Universal Signs & Graphics, we know what makes for an effective tenant sign. If you manage a strip mall in Huntsville, Texas, we can make an eye-catching tenant sign that showcases your many businesses. If you manage a government complex in Huntsville, we can make a tenant sign that clearly states the different departments and offices that can be found therein.

Benefits of Choosing Us for Tenant Signs in Huntsville, TX

We don’t just design and manufacture tenant signs, we can also install them for you. To learn more about tenant signs, please contact us.

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