Universal COVID-19 Protection: Safeguarding Montgomery Travelers And Employees With Professional PPE

Universal COVID-19 Protection: Safeguarding Montgomery Travelers And Employees With Professional PPE

You have the power to keep the economy open and stop the spread—and Universal Signs and Graphics can help. Today’s post explains how we keep Montgomery County businesses safe and operational with affordable COVID-19 PPE and safety signage.

Arming Montgomery Businesses For The Fight Against COVID-19

The economy has been radically affected by COVID-19, and small businesses bore the brunt of the impact. According to the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 41.3% of businesses reported temporary closures due to the pandemic, while as many as 1.8% closed permanently.

In the face of shelter-in-place orders, mandated closures, and the threats posed by a novel disease, the early days of the pandemic left many owners feeling somewhat helpless.

But now, with the help of professional PPE manufacturers and other light industry adjacents joining the good fight, Montgomery County businesses are fighting back.

“You have the power to keep the economy open and stop the spread of COVID-19,” declares the Montgomery County Public Health District website. With the proper COVID-19 protection in place, you can continue to enrich Montgomery County with your products and services, without increasing the risk of infection for employees or community members.

Since the state of emergency was first declared, Universal Signs and Graphics has been a key partner in ensuring the safety and well-being of Montgomery County communities, and we’re proud to be able to give local businesses a fighting chance in these times of uncertainty.

What follows is a look at some of the professional PPE and pandemic safety signage we’re offering, thanks in large part to a winning partnership with the experts at Orbus Exhibit & Display Group.

Stop The Spread Of Microorganisms With Hand Sanitizing Stands

Placing sanitizer stands at entryways, security checkpoints, food courts, gates, baggage claim areas, and other high-transit spaces greatly reduce the risk of community spread by killing harmful microorganisms.

Our sanitizing stands include hands-free dispensers that contain up to 1000ml of liquid or gel; they’re sturdy, durable, and tough to tip over; and they’re endlessly customizable, with plenty of display real estate for your brand messaging or sanitizing instructions.

Enforce Safe Social Distancing With Sneeze Guards And Wall Partitions

To prevent community spread, the CDC website recommends businesses, airports, and travel centers  “institute measures to physically separate and increase distance between employees and customers, such as placing a barrier (e.g. sneeze guard) between employees and customers.”

Universal Signs and Graphics carries all the most popular sneeze guard and wall partition products, including:

  • Clear divider and partition walls
  • Sneeze guard partition walls
  • Clear desktop acrylic sneeze guards
  • Portable, retractable banner shields
  • Hanging sneeze guards

Our sneeze guards and wall partitions are manufactured in Montgomery and available nationwide. No matter what product you choose, you’re guaranteed premium materials and limitless customization. Choose from various product types and sizes, or order customized solutions based on your precise specifications. Branding, text, and custom graphic designs can be added at your discretion.

As with all professional protective equipment, sneeze guards and wall partitions work best in combination with other anti-pandemic protocols, such as frequent surface cleaning, hand hygiene, proper use of masks, and screening measures.

How To Create Safe Business Layouts With COVID-19 Safety Signage

Universal Signs and Graphics carries all types of COVID-19 safety signage needed to optimize your in-store or event layout in order to minimize contact and community spread. Some of our most popular options include:

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