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What are Wall Signs & Graphics?

Wall signs and graphics are signs and graphics that are installed on a wall. Many businesses and organizations are short on floor space for a freestanding sign, but their walls offer a great deal of real estate for signs.

Uses for Wall Signs & Graphics

Wall graphics can be used for functional purposes, such as wayfinding or stating basic information. But they can also be used for promotional and branding purposes.

Types of Wall Signs & Graphics

Technically, any sign mounted on a wall can be a wall sign. But most often when we discuss wall signs, we’re talking about vinyl decals. They are inexpensive, easy to install, and still look good. For larger scale wall graphics, you can use digitally printed wallpaper.

Why Choose us for Wall Signs & Graphics in Kingwood TX

Whether you want simple vinyl wall signs to point customers toward the restrooms in your bar and restaurant in The Kingwood or you want digitally printed wallpaper with a graphic of the Eiffel Tower in your travel agency in Kingwood, we at Universal Signs and Graphics can make the perfect wall signs and graphics for your Texas business or organization.

Benefits of Choosing us for Wall Signs & Graphics in Kingwood TX

At Universal Signs & Graphics, we’re with our customers every step of the way from consultation to design, to manufacturing, to installation. If you’re in Kingwood, or nearby in Texas, and would like to learn more about wall signs and graphics please contact us.

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