Where To Find Vehicle Wraps Near Me: COVID-19 Considerations

Where To Find Vehicle Wraps Near Me: COVID-19 Considerations

Are you looking for safe and cost-effective advertising options to get your brand message out during COVID-19? Look no further than our COVID-safe vehicle wrap service in Montgomery, TX.

Today’s post discusses the value of vehicle wrap advertising during the pandemic, then explains how to find COVID-safe shops to complete your custom order, Call 877-330-7532 to start a free consultation.

The Value Of Vehicle Wrap Advertising During COVID-19

Even before the pandemic, business owners counted vehicle wraps among their most cost-effective tools for advertising and branding. For instance, one oft-cited study by the 3M Graphics Market Center found that even a single wrap on an intra-city truck could generate 16-million impressions in one year—that’s more than 43,000 impressions every single day. That same study ranked vehicle wraps number-one in a broad media asset-value comparison, which figured the total marketing cost per 1000 impressions around $0.48.

But now, nine months into COVID-19, with strict business restrictions in place and most people leaving home only for essential errands, vehicle wraps are more valuable than ever. Because while pandemic restrictions might have disrupted traditional in-store advertising campaigns, Montgomery drivers are still out on the roads, commuting to work, braving grocery stores, completing contactless deliveries—and spotting “mobile billboards,” AKA vehicle wraps, in record numbers. You might not be able to bring potential customers into your store, but with custom vehicle wraps, you can take your advertising to the roads.

Where Can I Find Vehicle Wraps Near Me During COVID-19?

With sign companies now included on CISA’s list of “essential businesses,” you shouldn’t have too much trouble finding vehicle wrap providers, even in “COVID-19 hot spots.” Moreover, with vehicle wrap services, the risk of infection is quite low, as no face-to-face contact is necessary. That said, proper safety protocols are still required to slow the spread and keep consumers safe. 

If in Montgomery, TX, or the surrounding areas, COVID-safe vehicle wrap service is closer than you think. Our team has been fighting for safe business continuity since the start of the pandemic, and we are standing by to help you create the perfect “mobile billboard” for your brand. Having served 23 years in the U.S. Air Force, we understand the importance of proper protocol, attention to detail, and operational excellence – it is included in everything we do, from vehicle wrap design to compliance with anti-pandemic guidelines.

Our COVID-safe vehicle wrap service comprises:

  •     Remote design consultations—Whether you want to build off a template or create something from scratch, you can collaborate with our team on your custom design from the comfort of home.
  •     Full compliance with CDC workplace guidelinesAll employees wear personal protective equipment (PPE) or masks, practice diligent hand hygiene, and maintain safe social distance at all times.
  •     Employee screening and contact tracing—We screen all employees for symptoms and participate in contact tracing to ensure that no one “at-risk” ever comes into contact with your vehicle.
  •     Contactless drop-off and pick-up—Safer and easier than ever!

Free Quote On Vehicle Wraps Near Me In Montgomery, TX

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