Why Choose Retractable Banners Over Alternative Options

Why Choose Retractable Banners Over Alternative Options

Today’s post highlights a few of the biggest advantages that our custom retractable banners have over alternative sign options. Read on to find out whether retractable banners are right for you, or call 877-330-7532 to get a free quote from a local sign specialist straight away.

Anyone Can Set Up Retractable Banners In Seconds

There are plenty of fantastic sign options out there, but few make setup and tear-down as easy as our custom retractable banners.

Assembling your retractable banner stand takes about a minute:

  1. Carefully remove the banner and pole from your complimentary case
  2. Locate the banner stand leg at the base of your retractable banner stand, and turn it until it’s fully extended
  3. Set the retractable banner stand down on the floor so it rests on the extended leg
  4. To assemble the pole, combine all segments, then slide the pole into the center of the base
  5. Gently stand on the banner stand leg to keep it in place as you extend the banner from its base
  6. Insert the hook to the rail located at the top of the banner, and you’re done—no special skills, brute strength, or additional equipment required!

When you’re ready to take your banner down, start by unhooking the banner from the rail located at the top, and your banner will retract into its base. Now simply disassemble the pole, turn the stand leg back to parallel with the base, and place it back in the carrying. In seconds, you’re ready to go wherever the next job or trade show takes you, leaving no holes in the wall or sticky residue behind.

Retractable Banners Do Not Require A Permit In Montgomery, TX

Unlike most alternative options, retractable banners are designated as temporary freestanding signs (Type I), which means they’re exempt from most of the design and installation standards stipulated in Chapter 66 of the Montgomery Code of Ordinances.

According to Section 66-53(f) “no permit is required to erect and maintain one street standing sign on any premises for a maximum of 75 days in any one calendar year if the sign:

  • Has a height of ten feet or less;
  • Has an effective area of 32 square feet or less;
  • Is unlighted;
  • Complies with the setback and spacing requirements for freestanding signs for that premises; and
  • Does not contain off-premises advertising.”

Retractable Banners Are Incredibly Portable

Not only are retractable banners easy to set up and tear down; they’re also among our most portable sign types, making them ideal for buyers in need of mobile signage solutions. Lightweight, compact, and easy to carry in our complimentary case, they travel well to any destination, whether you’re off to a trade show, pop-up shop, or other big event. And even once it’s set up, your retractable banner can be easily moved around by carefully sliding the base with the pole braced.

Free Retractable Banner Quote And Consultation In Montgomery, TX

Call 877-330-7532 or visit the Universal Signs and Graphics website to book a same-day consultation and get a free quote on any custom retractable banner order.

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