Yard Sign FAQ: Top Montgomery Consumer Questions Answered

Yard Sign FAQ: Top Montgomery Consumer Questions Answered

Today’s post answers Montgomery, Texas users’ top-5 questions about yard signs, according to the results of Google’s People Also Ask tool. Read on for answers to your most frequently asked questions, or call 877-330-7532 for a free yard sign consultation.

What Are Yard Signs Made Of?

Generally speaking, most yard signs use thin coroplast, which is a cost-effective type of corrugated plastic capable of holding up to all kinds of weather and withstanding environmental contaminants.

But as with all our products, several materials options are available for your yard signs. Contact our team at 877-330-7532 for help finding the best yard sign materials for your needs and budget.

How Long Do Yard Signs Typically Last?

With proper maintenance and installation, yard signs can last up to two years without any noticeable degradation. And when it’s time to freshen up your yard sign system, replacements are fast, easy, and affordable.

In order to maximize your product’s lifespan, we only use the best yard sign materials, and yard sign maintenance and repair is available in-house.

What Colors Do Yard Signs Come In?

At Universal Signs and Graphics, your yard sign design is only limited by your imagination! Choose any color, cut, shape, size, and custom graphics, and we’ll bring your vision to life. Add as few or as many colors as you like for no additional cost.

That said, we always recommend consulting with our in-house graphic designers, whose knowledge of color theory can help you create on-brand, high-contrast designs that catch the eye without overwhelming the viewer. After all, color conveys emotion, and you want to be sure your sign is saying the right thing!

Do Yard Signs Fade In Sunlight?

We use ultraviolet (UV) and weather-resistant inks designed to prevent fading for the entirety of your yard sign’s lifespan. Placing your yard sign in an area with partial shading (e.g. 4 hours of shade throughout the day) may improve your yard sign longevity and even push it past the 2-year mark, but the benefits of displaying your messages in full sun often outweigh the marginal costs of yard sign replacements.

What Installation Accessories Are Available?

The most popular yard sign mounting options are H-wire, spider stakes, and heavier sign frames. But many different options are available—and Universal Signs and Graphics carries them all, whether in-house or as part of the collective sign inventories of our 330+ sign partners around the country.

Free Yard Sign Consultation And Quote In Montgomery, TX

Universal Signs and Graphics is a full-service sign shop that specializes in the design, manufacturing, and installation of custom yard sign solutions. If you didn’t find the information you need above, we’re standing by to answer any additional questions you may have, and every consultation is 100% free.

Call 877-330-7532 or visit the Universal Signs and Graphics website to start your yard sign consultation and get a free quote on any custom design, standalone yard sign, or complete signage system. We proudly serve the surrounding communities of Riverside, Roans Prairie, Shiro, Tomball, Willis, Porter, and Pointblank, but yard sign consultations and deliveries are available nationwide.

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